Tonight, I'll Be Your Naughty Girl

I've got some crazy stories to tell about my past and I cannot to tell you more about me. I might be a Vegas Backpage escort girl but I have been through a lot. Did you know that I have a past in the porn industry? The pathway to becoming a true Vegas Backpage escort girl has been littered with insanity.

No, I was not in front of the camera. My sister was once a porn star and I was her manager. As you can imagine, I learned a lot from the experience. Women do not make any real money in that industry. I do not like the idea of being degraded for little to not pay. There is far more money to be made as a Vegas Backpage escort girl.

I'm not the demure woman who is just going to sit back and accept whatever is handed to me. Life is too short for all of that. That is not my mentality. I am a go getter. I love to spend time with men who share my lust for life. Couch potatoes are simply not my thing. I need a companion who is ready to chase the money like I do.

Utilizing My Knowledge
I've got great brains, if you know what I mean. Instead of spending my time with men who don't know how to treat a lady, I'd rather head to a concert or a casino with you. We can treat each other with the respect we deserve. Did you know that I was once a groupie for Tommy Lee? We can make our own music video together if you like.

Or we can talk about a variety of topics. My beauty is only matched by my charm and wit. When you're with me, the time will just fly by. Hours seem to turn into minutes when you are in my presence. I've also got modeling skills. If you'd like to see me in all of my sexiest outfits, all you need to do is ask. Your wish is always going to be my command.

Let's Go Play Some Pinball
I pride myself on my ability to provide my companions with the sort of Las Vegas experience that they will always remember. Sure, we can always head to the casino if that's what you're into. Wouldn't you like to play some pinball first, though? Let's head to the city's famous pinball museum. I might even let you beat me at air hockey if I am feeling particularly benevolent that day.

You are sure to have lots and lots of fun with me. I'm bubbly, vivacious and a major people pleaser. We can make our own rules and we do not have to fit into society's conventions. This is your chance to let your freak flag fly. If you do not enjoy our adventures together, you are more than welcome to ask for your money back. I don't think that this is going to be a problem, though.