I'm Nancy and I am a mixture of surprises! I am very adaptable to most any situation and I love to try new positions! (Whoops, did I say that?) I am a traditional gorgeous blond who is very out going. If you are looking for a demure petite young bump on a log, well that's not me! I have a very vivacious personality. Many people mistake me for the typical girl next door, but I assure you that is not the case. I love to get out and meet people. Get to know me and I have a lot to offer!

Looking For Nice Guys

I used to manage my sister's porn career. I just can't do it anymore. Those girls don't make shit in the porn industry. If you aren't an established talent, you need to do a hell of a lot of degrading work for no pay. That's not for me. I'd rather meet a few nice guys like you, hit a few concerts and just be real. Yeah, I can be down for a quickie, but it's not about that. It's about respect. There isn't much respect floating around the porn industry. Trust me on that, it's a nasty business.

I'm A Surprise

I'd rather take my knowledge of porn and my modeling skills and go out on my own as a Las Vegas freelancer. I make my own rules when I'm not following yours if you know what I mean! I can blend well with others and often quickly become the center of attention at a party or get together. I may surprise you with my sexual dominance and ability to turn you on in ways you aren’t expecting. After all, I was a Tommy Lee groupie for a while! Those were fun times. Gosh, I didn't realize so many guys want to be in a scandal video with a Heather Locklear lookalike! You guys are nuts! 

I'm done with the Tommy Lee thing, I'd rather just hang out old school, maybe check out the Pinball Hall of Fame here in Vegas. Do you like to play pinball? I do. Here's a secret, I lost my virginity under the pinball machine at the roller rink! I was crazy back then. Luckily I've grown up to be a fine upstanding, although still a bit naughty, woman.

If you want to see more about me, be sure to check my escorts profile on Las Vegas Escorts A. Have you ever dreamed of spending a night with Pamela Anderson? I'm here to make your fantasies come true. Truth be told, I think I'm a bit prettier than she is. I might look like a girl next door but I've got the kind of curves that would make your father stop dead in his tracks.

I've lived a crazy life and I've had the type of experiences that you can write home about. We can tear each other's clothes off or we can sit down and get to know one another. I bet that we can teach each other a thing or two!